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Fertility Testimonials

My husband and I have been infertile for 6 years. Finally, we chose IVF treatment. Before IVF, I took Fertile One PC600 and DHEA and my husband took MFSg5 for about 6 months. His percentage of sperm moving forward increasedfrom 4% to 32%. My base follicle number increased from 6 to 15. It’s too amazing! gave birth to a baby boy on December 26, 2019

Jianyun 鉴耘 Jiang 姜

After three years of trying and no success, we were quite desperate. It was not until our doctor told us about Coast Science The Male Prenatal and we saw 70% reduction of sperm DNA fragmentation on SCSA (Sperm Chromatin Structure Analysis) tests after taking it for 5 months.  One month later after getting the improved test results, we were able to conceive and had our first baby ever.  


I cannot tell you how grateful we are for these miracles in our lives.  I know that if it weren’t for the Coast Science supplement along with a wonderful fertility doctor, we never would have our children. Every one that I know who is having trouble conceiving children, I tell him to have their husbands take this supplement.  There truly are only benefits to gain and nothing to lose.  Thank you for this product.