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Anti-oxidants are key...

Coast Science maintains an extremely active program to both improve existing products and to guide the identification of new products, which fit with and complement our offerings. We do this by constantly monitoring the scientific and medical literature for evidence of new natural compounds that enhance our formulations and suggest product line additions. An excellent example of this is our Male Fertility Supplement - MFSg5 – which is in its fifth generation (g5).But our R&D efforts actually extend to laboratory work designed to provide exceptional source material to boost the efficacy of our product formulations. Anti-oxidants comprise a significant component of many Coast Science products. Coast maintains a 15 acre certified organic farm in the San Diego area planted to a variety of produce varieties that are characterized by a high anti-oxidant content. We are concluding a proprietary process to extract these high potency anti-oxidants from their source and expect to introduce them into our formulations in 2021.

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Our 15 acre Certified Organic farm in San Diego, CA