Egg quality and IVF Webinar with Fertility Network UK & Coast Science

Egg quality and IVF. Brought to you by our partners Coast Science.

Wednesday 25th November, 6.30pm

This webinar will look at how the quality and quantity of human oocytes (eggs) impacts the reproductive outcomes in IVF, and how this can be improved. Dr Jeve will discuss how the egg reserve declines with time, and how diet, lifestyle and supplements can be taken into consideration.

Dr Yadava Jeve is a Consultant Subspecialist and Deputy Clinical Director at Birmingham Women’s Hospital. He pioneered the concept of p4 fertility care and is Trustee of SEED (Sperm Egg Embryo Donation Trust) and an Executive Committee Member of the British Fertility Society. He is a big fan of personalised fertility treatment plans to optimise success. Mr Jeve has published his research in many scientific journals, presented in conferences and his research was covered by mainstream media including BBC, Sky and Time. His PhD is on the role of oocytes (eggs) to determine the reproductive outcomes.

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